Intro from our CEO

Paul Growney

Intro from our CEO

Hi, I am Paul Growney and I am the CEO of Caring Connections. As a charity we are committed to providing the highest quality of care and we believe we can achieve this through treating carers properly 'We care for our carers so they can for others'. We are dedicated to supporting our care team and their wellbeing, we value all social care workers.

At Caring Connections we see ourselves as a family and as either an employee or care recipient we consider you part of that family. All of our values are based on 'people not profit' aiming to reduce levels of social isolation and improve levels of independence across communities. As a charity we have a range of support services to compliment both our social care and our communities and always have several charitable projects ongoing aiming to support our community.

I love being part of Caring Connections and working with a team i consider my family.

Connecting people with quality care